Cryptocurrency Mining With Solar Power

Cryptocurrency Mining With Solar Power

We have been asked if you can mine with solar energy. There are 100s or cryptocurrency coins available to mine. The most popular are Bitcoin and Litecoin, which require ASIC miners. If you want to mine with a graphics card, we would suggest trying to mine Dash which is a top 5 currency with a few innovative features like masternodes, budget voting, and instant transactions that give it unique advantages.

Typically, a solar system is not going to power a miner directly. To make the most of purchasing a miner you would want to keep it running all the time. The best option is to have your solar system feed into the grid during the day. You would pay for the difference in power from what you use from what you produce, called Net Metering. You may want to consider a peak/off peak rate if the solar can cancel out the power from the peak rate during the day, while you take advantage of lower rates at night.

As for the mining, we have had experience running Cointerra miners and even hacking their operating systems to get them to run without locking up. We have run X11 6 GPU(graphics cards) rigs in the past, but now they are not profitable with Minnesota electric rates(14 cents/kwhr). We continued to mine Bitcoin with undervolted BFL Monarch ASIC miners but now they are not profitable. The latest S7 ASIC miners can still be profitable, but we haven’t used them yet.

As for anyone wanting to mine with GPUs, first choose a graphics card that is efficient at mining. The Nvidia 750ti cards are now the higher efficiency card replacing the AMD 280X or 290 cards. You will want to undervolt your cards and overclock them to get the most hashrate for power used. Check out and see if you will be profitable before you purchase any mining gear

We have experience building and managing mining farms. If you have an interest in using or accepting cryptocurrency, let us know. We may be able to help. Serious inquires only please. Email us at

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