About Us

Panel Powered was founded in 2013 with one goal in mind, Solar.

About Panel Power

Panel Power was started in 2013 to show that solar power can be an economically viable alternative to electric utilities. Solar energy is a viable solution to other energy resources that are not only finite but also detrimental to the human race in general. We don’t have to look too far to see the devastating effects of fossil fuel pollution.

Panel Power has gathered some of the finest people in this field who all share the same passion to help protect the earth. These are dedicated engineers and designers whose collective vision sees beyond the day-to-day and into our children’s future.

Solar is the future.

What are the barriers to more widespread solar panel use? Price? Efficiency? Durability? Solar panels have improved dramatically from what was available just 5 years ago. Panel Power’s mission is to educate energy consumers and help them make solid buying decisions that will compete with grid supplied energy. The point is to not only conserve natural resources but to save money for customers by combining solar with other energy saving strategies.

The main focus at Panel Power is to provide energy alternatives to businesses that own their own building. This enables Panel Power to make a larger impact with each project. Rebates and tax incentives can ease the transition to renewable energy but Panel Power’s goal is to offer a mix of energy saving technologies that will make solar energy a viable cost effective solution on its own.
The people at Panel Power realize that they may not see the final fulfillment of their dreams. Ultimately, Panel Power is not thinking about themselves but about future generations.

A little about Jeremy.

Jeremy Maus earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) with a minor in Environmental Studies in 1997 from Iowa State University in Ames Iowa. He started his career at International Truck and Engine Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana designing truck parts and working with concept trucks and buses. He was awarded a patent for his effort on a hybrid electric truck battery box design. Next, he moved to Dearborn, Michigan to work for Visteon Corporation, designing motor controls, advanced alternators, 12V, 42V, and 300V hybrid vehicle systems.

He later was the project manager for a team which completed a demonstration 42V stop/start vehicle on time and under budget. Jeremy gained sales and consulting experience at GE Fleet Services in Eden Prairie, MN. He worked with several large fleet customers as their primary engineering contact, providing recommendations on vehicle specifications and negotiating with OEMs for better warranty and price concessions on multi-million dollar orders. He has managed and engineered commercial and residential solar systems at a previous solar company and now as part owner in Panel Power LLC in 2013. He has designed custom monitoring systems for solar electric and solar water heating systems. He continued his education to achieve the NABCEP Solar Installer Certification.


Thanks Jeremy....I had no doubt that you would do a good job but I'm a bit concerned about the Sun...it needs to step up its act. Thanks again!

Great! Yeah I have been peaking at it and it looks great! Thanks!

Jeremy did a wonderful job and was very informative the during the whole installation process.

The Numbers of Solar

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The In's and Out's of Solar Energy

Save Money, Go Solar

For every $1 spent you get $4.26 in savings. Solar makes cents.

Pays for Itself

A 5 year average ROI for many commercial installations.

Federal Tax Breaks

A Federal rebate of 30% is credited in the first tax year.

Property Investment

Property value increases $0.89 for each 1$ invested.


Solar qualifies for 5 year accelerated depreciation.

Reduce Costs

Looking to reduce your utilities?
Solar saves on electric bills!

And did we mention you are saving the earth too?

Still on the fence about going with Solar? Give us a call & let's chat!