Affordable Solar Installations

Our Engineers are experts in solar installation and system optimization.

Why Solar?

Is Solar power right for me?

Solar is right for almost everyone, depending on your motivation. Are you interested in solar purely for economic benefit? Are you concerned for our environment or the social responsibility of your business?

Solar Saves Your Business Money

For every $1 spent you get $4.26 in savings. Netting a $3.26 profit. Solar goes along way to work for you.

Solar Pays for Itself!

Enjoy a 5 year Return On Investment for many commercial installations.

Federal Tax Rebate

A federal rebate of 30% is credited in the first tax year.

Solar Installation Timeline

How long does an average Commercial Solar Installation take?

Most Solar installs take about 6 months depending on things such as weather, the rebate process, and coordinating with inspectors and utility officials. Feel free to contact us today so we can get rebates started and put you in our schedule for this year.

Minnesota Solar Cost Analysis

Going Solar in Minnesota just makes sense.

Data has shown that for every $1.00 spent on going solar will get you an overall $4.26 in savings, which ends up netting a $3.26 profit. Solar goes along way to work for you. Not to mention going Solar is a great way to actually add value your to property. Property value typically increases $0.89 for each 1$ spent and does not increase property taxes. Also going solar basically locks in your electric rate so you are not subjected to electric utility increases.

Be your own utility and save money by installing solar.

Why choose Panel Power?

Why you should choose us, and not the other guy.

We have gathered some of the finest people in the field, engineers and designers, who are working tirelessly to make solar power a reality for businesses and families throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. We are locally-owned, operated, and committed.

Local Solar Power for Minnesota

We know solar is a great alternative power option for the Minnesota. We proudly serve the solar needs of businesses and residences throughout the area including Burnsville, Chaska, Crystal Bay, Eden Prairie, Hamel, Hopkins, Mendota, Minnetonka, Osseo, Shakopee, and Spring Park.

Get Started with Solar

The first steps are seconds away...

We are locally-owned, operated, and committed. Our highly trained expert staff are ready to evaluate your site and consult with you on the best solar panel solution for your property. Step into the future and convert to a solar power system.

Let us simplify the process for you!

Why spend your time trying to understand the inner workings of Solar Electricity when you could just let us guide you through a painless process and get you saving money as soon as the inspectors let us! Most commercial solar installations take between 4-7 months so it's always a great idea to get the ball rolling today. The sooner we get a chance to visit your property, the sooner we can get you one way trip to saving money with a solar panel setup from our amazing engineers.

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Thanks Jeremy....I had no doubt that you would do a good job but I'm a bit concerned about the needs to step up its act. Thanks again!

Great! Yeah I have been peaking at it and it looks great! Thanks!

Jeremy did a wonderful job and was very informative the during the whole installation process.

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The In's and Out's of Solar Energy

Save Money, Go Solar

For every $1 spent you get $4.26 in savings. Solar makes cents.

Pays for Itself

A 5 year Return On Investment for many commercial installations.

Federal Tax Breaks

A federal rebate of 30% is credited in the first tax year.

Property Investment

Property value increases $0.89 for each 1$ invested.


Solar qualifies for 5 year accelerated depreciation.

Reduce Costs

Looking to reduce your utilities?
Solar saves on electric bills!

Did we mention you are helping save our planet?